Why do kids suffer?

Everyone has faced this at one point or the other in their life. The weird silence and whom to favor situation when your parents fight or end up in a high pitched argument.
I mean I know dad that you work very hard everyday in the scorching heat and the freezing cold and the unbearable sand storms. I also understand that you can be under stress and tension related to work. We should give you some space and should not over burden you with senseless home issues. But, I also understand that you should give us time as well. Your care, your love, your guidance that we look forward to. I mean a fluctuating attitude is difficult to tackle and sometimes hard to bear and cope up with.
We stay under constant terror of what might upset you and you’ll just burst all out on us. It’s terrifying and we hate it.
If you have any tension share it with us. We won’t give free advice until asked for. Promise.
But the terror and sadness and chaos that prevails when you guys argue and misinterpret each other is pathetic and we can’t take it.

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Venting it out!

This is my first blog and the idea to blog came to mind because I could not vent my feelings at the people I love. So I thought of using a blogging platform to do the same.

Emotions play a trivial role in ones life. Mine are over the top right now. Being held responsible for all the faults is something that might sound okay in the beginning and you might just laugh it off but it becomes dreadful in times to come. Presently I am responsible for any thing that goes wrong in the house. God knows why!
I mean just because I’m fat, like sleeping, and not able to study to the best of what my parents want me to, anger monger and the elder sibling and yes a girl. Are these reasons sufficient enough?

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